The Glass Drawing Room Virtual Reality Experience

Research, 3D modeling and design for the VR reconstruction of the 16th century Glass Drawing Room at Northumberland House, London for the Corning Museum of Glass. 2019-2020.

makebelieve design & consulting worked with Noho Dublin to produce The Glass Drawing Room virtual reality reconstruction.

Step into the dazzling world of the 1st Duke and Duchess of Northumberland in this sparkling recreation of the glass drawing room at Northumberland House, London. This 360° video shows the an accurate virtual reconstruction that was created as an in-gallery experience as part of the exhibition In Sparkling Company: Glass and the Costs of Social Life in Britain During the 1700s, on view May 2021-January 2022.

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The VR recreation was developed by Noho (VR project lead) and makebelieve, in partnership with the Corning Museum of Glass.

For makebelieve:

3D modeling: Hara Sfyri
Research and consulting: Dimitris Nastos

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Tags: Cultural Heritage, Virtual Reality, Learning, Stereoscopic