Usability and user experience (UX) evaluation of tools and geo-localized games.

makebelieve design & consulting is responsible for the evaluation effort of the MAGELLAN project. MAGELLAN is an EC-funded FP7-ICT-2013-10 IP project in the area of technologies and scientific foundations in the field of creativity, which kicked-off in 2013. Its goal is to create an authoring environment based on visual authoring principles in order to enable non-programmers, as well as more advanced users, to cost-effectively author and publish multi-participant location-based experiences. The second objective is to deliver a scalable web platform featuring social networking means and supporting the publication, browsing and execution of a massive number of such experiences.

makebelieve is currently collaborating with EXUS (coordinator of MAGELLAN) to:

  • define and refine the evaluation methodology framework of the project;
  • evaluate during the project’s lifetime, the MEGALLAN platform’s usability and user experience of its 5 end-user partner organisations, in accordance to the design iterations and prototype development phases of the project;
  • carry out both formative and summative evaluation of the created location-based experiences with users.

makebelieve has also designed and produced the MAGELLAN project's promotional video.

Visit the MAGELLAN Project's website.