Dimitris Nastos

dnDimitris Nastos is the co-founder and co-director of makebelieve. He is a computer expert with over 25 years of experience in both research and the industry. After obtaining his B.Sc. degree in Computer Science from the University of Crete in Greece, he obtained his M.Sc. from the Department of Computer Science of the University of Toronto, Canada with a research focus on Computer Supported Collaborative Work.
His research experience includes work on several EU projects at the Foundation of Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH), government and industry funded projects at the Dynamic Graphics Project Lab and the Cognitive Engineering Lab of the University of Toronto, and as a free-lance consultant. His industry experience includes work on application design, user interface design and implementation for EU and government funded projects, network solutions, and system configuration, administration and integration.
His work within makebelieve encompasses the technical production, coordination and support for interactive online and on-site content, ranging from event management to interactive exhibit and product development, across several platforms.