Immersive Stereo Wall at the University of the Aegean

Specification, software installation & integration of a passive stereo virtual reality system at the University of Aegean. 2007.

makebelieve design & consulting took part in the hardware and software specification, installed the virtual reality software, and completed the integration of a passive stereo virtual reality Powerwall for the University of the Aegean's Department of Cultural Technology and Communication. The project was carried out with TELMACO, the leading audiovisual systems integrator in Greece, who won the bid and was completed in 2007.

The Powerwall has a 240x180 cm back and front projection screen by Stewart, two 2500 ANSI Lumens true SXGA+ 1400x1050 resolution DLP projectors,  Ascension's SpacePad 6 DOF head and hand tracking device. The system that was installed also includes a Wireless Logitech Game-Pad 3D wand with 12 buttons and 10 pairs of high quality plastic glasses for polarised stereo viewing. The entire virtual reality powerwall system was designed as a movable system for easy re-installation. The z800 3D Visor, a 800 x 600 SVGA Head Mounted Display by eMagin with 40 FOV (Field of View), was also provided to the University.

The Virtual Reality software that was specified, installed and configured by makebelieve includes: VRCO's CAVELib & Trackd Libraries, the YG Authoring Tool and Bergen sound server, and SGI's 64-bit Linux OpenGL Performerâ„¢ 3.2.