Design Walk '08

Design & development of an immersive Augmented Reality installation, part of "CSI: Psyrri", an interactive participatory game that took place during the Design Walk event and was visited by ~2000 people during the first weekend of February 2008.

The creative teams of the hip Psyrri area in Athens opened their doors to the public during the Design Walk 2008 and set up an interactive design playground in the centre of Athens...

makebelieve design & consulting collaborated with Typical Mutations on an interactive design installation. The interactive participatory installation, named CSI: Psyrri, took place at Typical Mutations' premises during the first weekend of February 2008 and was visited by approximately 2000 people. Visitors engaged as investigators in an interactive game, deploying thought and observation, to solve a mystery. makebelieve contributed to the experience with an innovative Augmented Reality installation, which revealed to visitors nearing the end of the investigation essential elements of the interactive game experience.

The result of the participatory investigation can be found here.


Dr. Maria Roussou, Interaction Designer
Dimitris Nastos, Computer Scientist
Antonis Makrigiannis, Graphics Designer/3D animator