The Hydria Project

Design & development of the HYDRIA project, presenting information about the collection, storage, and distribution of water in the Mediterranean basin in Antiquity. 2009-2010.

makebelieve design & consulting designed and developed the HYDRIA project, a website which presents, with multimedia, information regarding the collection, storage & distribution of water in the Mediterranean basin in Antiquity. The website was created by our collaborators minimatik for the Mediterranean Information Office for Environment, Culture and Sustainable Development (MIO-ECSDE). In addition to the images and text, written by the project's partners in English and Arabic, four animated simulations were created to depict the following:

  • water management of the Gheris and the Figuig oasis in Morocco
  • water management at Ventotene Island in Italy
  • water Management in Prehistoric Crete, specifically at Choiromandres, Zakros
  • the watermills of Naxos

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Conceptual & structural design
Maria Roussou, makebelieve design & consulting
Dimitris Nastos, makebelieve design & consulting

Graphic Design - Art direction
Mari Zonoudaki, MINIMATIK visual & interactive communication

Information Architecture - Website Development
Michelle Kondou, MINIMATIK visual & interactive communication

2D animation design & development
Yiannis Stilos,

Project Coordination
Iro Alampei, MIO-ECSDE, MEdIES

Τext editing
Iro Alampei, MIO-ECSDE, MEdIES
Anastasia Roniotes, MIO-ECSDE

Case study coordination
Alexis Michaelides, Larnaca Municipality
Stella Chrysoulaki, Minoan Roads Research Project under the Directorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities of the General Directorate of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage, Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
Irini Gratsia, MOnuMENTA
Patrizia Bonelli, Scholé Futuro
Ziyad Allawneh, LHAP
Mohamed Jamal Eddine, CMEPE (Morocco)

Arabic Translation
Essam Nada, AOYE

Tags: Web Design, Museums & Culture, 2D Animation