The Museum of School Life

Design and development of digital applications for the Museum of School Life in Chania, Crete, Greece. Digital exhibits include an interactive design activity - game and interfaces for browsing the Museum's collections of digitized newspapers and school blogs. 2009.

makebelieve design & consulting designed and developed digital exhibits for a unique museum in Crete, the Museum of School Life. The Museum is responsible for collecting, archiving, restoring and exhibiting objects, media, and books used in the formal educational process (in schools) from all periods of Cretan history.

All digital applications were installed on workstations within the Museum of School Life in 2009. The applications have been designed to be robust and web-friendly, should the museum wish to make them available on-line.

The digital applications include:

More about The Museum of School Life: Municipality of Chania, Chania tourism page

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Dimitris Nastos, Production Coordinator & Programming
Dr. Maria Roussou, Interaction Design Coordinator
Antonis Makrigiannis, Graphic design
Dr. Maria Economou, Conceptual design & editing - Museologist
Dr. Andromache Gazi, Museology / advisor

Tags: UX Design, Museums & Culture, Game