Museum of Marble Crafts

Design and development of two digital films depicting the overall process of marble mining from the Vathi quarry in Tinos and the accurate 3D reconstruction with animation of the 1920s marble cutting machinery. 2006-2007.

makebelieve design & consulting designed and developed two digital films for the new Museum of Marble Crafts, located on the island of Tinos in Greece. The museum documents the island's long history in marble crafting and marble technology. The digital films illustrate significant aspects of the marble mining process of the early industrial era. The Museum opened to the public in 2008.

The marble cutting machine

The first film includes the accurate 3D reconstruction and animation of the sophisticated and complex marble cutting machinery that used to form a central part of the marble mining process. The marble cutting machine that was reconstructed in 3D was in use in the 1920's but does not exist anymore. However, parts of it have been physically restored and can be seen at the museum.

From the quarry to the loading quay

The second film recreates the entire narrative of the marble mining process in the area of Vathi, documenting the process from the extraction of marble blocks from the quarry up on the mountain to the methods used for transporting them to the coast. The film combines multiple media: 2D and 3D graphics and animation, illustrations, and historic photographs from the 1920's as well as realistic sound, which has been digitally generated and processed.

Visit the museum's web page at the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation.


Artistic and Educational Design Coordinator
Dr. Maria Roussou, Interaction Designer

Technical Production Coordinator
Dimitris Nastos, Computer Scientist

Content and Reconstruction Coordinator, Scientific Advisor
Antonis Plytas, Electrical & Mechanical Engineer

Material Mapping – Design and Modeling of Digital Elements
Dr. Nikos Kampanis, Mechanical Engineer

3D Graphics and Animation
Adonis Antoniou, 3D animator

2D and 3D Graphics and Animation
Antonis Makrigiannis, Graphics Designer/3D animator

Sketches and Illustrations
Dimitris Fousekis, Illustrator

Sound recording, design and processing
Leonidas Danezos (alcalica), Antonis Plytas

Coordination on behalf of the Pireaus Bank Group Cultural Foundation
Andreas Lapourtas, Archaeologist-Museologist, Pireaus Bank Group Cultural Foundation

Tags: Museums & Culture, Video, 3D Animation, 2D Animation