Museum of Industrial Olive-Oil Production

Conceptual design, 3D modelling and animation for two main digital productions and multiple subset productions for the Musuem of Industrial Olive Oil Production in Lesvos, Greece. 2006.

makebelieve design & consulting designed and developed the digital exhibits for the Museum of Industrial Olive-Oil Production, located on the island of Lesvos in Greece. The Museum, which was inaugurated on September 15, 2006 by the President of the Hellenic Republic, is housed in a traditional olive oil production plant. The digital work is well integrated within the museum space and illustrates the process of early 20th century industrial olive oil production.

makebelieve created a series of digital productions which include the 3D digital reconstruction of the fascinating industrial-era machinery

From water to water [video]

The video "From water to water" includes the accurate 3D model of the steam engine, with animation that illustrates the process of energy production. See a video excerpt of the opening sequence of this animation, illustrating the process of using water as the moving power of the factory's steam engine:

From olives to olive oil [video]

The video "From olives to olive oil" includes accurate 3D reconstructions of the olive presses and their pumps, with animation illustrating the grinding, compression, and separation process for olive oil production. The productions are projected on multiple screens alongside the exhibits and on various informational panels throughout the exhibition spaces.

Oil the 'wheels' of the communal engine [game]

makebelieve also designed and developed interactive exhibits for visitors of all ages, which are installed in the Museum's educational rooms. The educational game "Oil the 'wheels' of the communal engine" allows young visitors to construct the engines used for producing olive oil and learn about the process in a fun and challenging way.

Print material

makebelieve has also created print material for the Museum's publications and activity cards for the teachers' pack. We have also been responsible for the installation of the technological infrastructure of the Museum.

Visit the museum's web page at the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation.

See also the 3DVisA page


Artistic and Educational Design Coordinator
Dr. Maria Roussou, Interaction Designer, makebelieve design & consulting

Technical Production Coordinator
Dimitris Nastos, Computer Scientist, makebelieve design & consulting

Content and Reconstruction Coordinator, Scientific Advisor
Antonis Plytas, Electrical & Mechanical Engineer

2D and 3D Graphics and Animation
Antonis Makrigiannis, Graphics Designer/3D animator

Interactive game Development
Panayiotis Apostolellis, Interaction designer – programmer

Material Mapping – Design and Modeling of Digital Elements
Dr. Nikos Kampanis, Mechanical Engineer

Topographical Mapping of Μechanical Οbjects and Parts
Yagos Yaxoglou, Surveying Engineer
Christos Patalas, Surveying Engineer

Overall Coordination and conceptualisation
Elia Vlachou, Archaeologist-Museologist, Pireaus Bank Group Cultural Foundation

Tags: Museums & Culture, Game, Video, 3D Animation, 2D Animation