Museum of the Olive and Greek Olive Oil

A series of digital productions, including interactive kiosks and DVDs, which highlight the culture and technology of the olive and olive oil production in Greece from antiquity to the present. 2006-2007.

makebelieve design & consulting completed the design and development of four different digital productions for the Museum of the Olive & Greek Olive Oil, located in the city of Sparta in southern Greece. 

The four productions are described below:

Interactive Recipes kiosk

Interactive game on DVD

An interactive game for children 8-12 years of age, consisting of 9 different types of engaging and educational games (logic, memory, skill games, etc), which are organised in three levels according to the historic periods of olive oil production. The players must collect enough olive oil to unlock the next level and reach the end of the game.

Teacher's guide DVD

A rich resource for the classroom including information (text, images, sketches) about the Museum and the evolution of olive oil production, in hypermedia form.

Interactive History kiosk

An interactive touch-screen presenting the evolution of the technology used for olive oil production throughout the ages with the use of illustrative 2d animations, photographs, and archival images.


Production Coordinator:
Dr. Maria Roussou, Interaction Designer

Technical Production Coordinator
Dimitris Nastos, Computer Scientist

Overall Coordination
Elia Vlachou, Archaeologist-Museologist, Head of Pireaus Bank Group Cultural Foundation's Museums Network

For the Interactive Recipes kiosk:

Graphics and interface design

For the Interactive Game

2D and 3D Graphics and Animation
Antonis Makrigiannis, Graphics Designer/3D animator

Panayiotis Apostolellis, Interaction Designer

Scientific Advisor
Antonis Plytas, Electrical & Mechanical Engineer

For the Educator's Guide DVD

Graphics and interface design

Panayiotis Perdikoulias, Archaeologist

HTML editing and assistance
Maroussa Tsakogianni, Cultural Technologist

For the Interactive History kiosk

Graphics and interface design

2D animation
Yiannis Stilos

Scientific Advisors
Antonis Plytas, Electrical & Mechanical Engineer
Dr. Nikos Kampanis, Mechanical Engineer

Tags: Web Design, Museums & Culture, Game, 3D Animation, 2D Animation