The Environment Museum of Stymphalia

Design and development of four digital exhibits, including 3D reconstructions of the ancient city and the Roman aqueduct, an interactive digital exhibit on the unique geological history of the area, and an artistic digital rendition of the famous myth of Hercules and the Stymphalian Birds. 2006 - 2009.

The Environment Museum of Stymphalia is located in Greece,  in a mountainous region of northern Peloponnese (at an altitude of 600m),  there where, according to mythology, Hercules confronted and slew the Stymphalian birds. The water basin of Stymphalia is considered to be the largest mountain lake of the Peloponnese, at the same time as being the Balkans' southernmost mountain wetland. The basic goals of the museological approach are to raise the public's ecological awareness and preserve the knowledge relating to the region's traditional technology.  The exhibition's goals are supported by models and interactive applications, digital representations and documentary films. makebelieve design & consulting designed and developed the majority of these digital exhibits for the Environment Museum of Stymphalia and continues to provide technical support. 

Geological Formations in the Stymphalia Region

A unique 3D experience about the geographic formations, erosions, waterways and valleys of the greater region around lake Stymphalia. The exhibit includes a digital film, narrated in Greek and English, that controls a laser-head which lights a plaster model (maquette) of the surrounding area. In collaboration with Conservation Biologist & Environment Interpretation Specialist, Giorgos Catsadorakis, with Geologist, Jenny Lagkadinou, and with the mechanical engineers responsible for the laser, Dr. Nikos Kampanis and Antonis Plytas.

Reconstruction of Hadrian's Aqueduct

A 3D digital reconstruction, with animation, of sections of Hadrian’s aqueduct. The reconstruction is based on photographs, historical research, and close collaboration with Yannis Lolos, the archeologist who has studied closely this immense roman project that served to supply water from Stymphalia to Ancient Corinth. The aqueduct dates from the 2nd century A.D and had a length of 84 km.

Myths and Birdlife of lake Stymphalia

An abstract digital video art application about the myths and wetland of lake Stymphalia, from Hercules' famous labour in which he cleared the lake from the Stymphalian Birds to today's natural environment. Graphics and animation by our very creative  long-time collaborators minimatik.

Stymphalia – a virtual journey through the site from Antiquity to the Middle Ages

3D digital reconstructions, with animations, of homes, temples and public buildings of the ancient city of Stymphalos and of the Cistercian abbey of Zaraka. The reconstructions have been created in close collaboration with the team that has been excavating the site since 1994 (Professor Hector Williams, Ben Gourley, Yannis Lolos, Anthony Masinton et al.), based also on previous publications and sketches by Anastasios Orlandos.

makebelieve was also responsible for the installation of the technological infrastructure used for the aforementioned exhibits.


The digital exhibits of the Environment Museum of Stymphalia were accepted and presented at:

The Environment Museum of Stymphalia soft launched in October 2009 and opened to the public on June 5, 2010 (World Environment Day).

Visit the museum's web page at the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation.


Production Coordinator
Dr. Maria Roussou, Interaction Designer, makebelieve

Technical Production Coordinator
Dimitris Nastos, Computer Scientist, makebelieve

Overall Coordination
Dr. Natassa Filippoupoliti, Archaeologist-Museologist, Pireaus Bank Group Cultural Foundation's Museums Network

For the 'Geological Formations in the Stymphalia Region' application:

2D and 3D Graphics and Animation
Antonis Makrigiannis, Graphics Designer/3D Animator

Scientific Advisors
Dr. Giorgos Catsadorakis, Conservation Biologist & Environment Interpretation Specialist
Jenny Lagkadinou, Geologist

Laser implementation & installation
Antonis Plytas, Electrical & Mechanical Engineer
Dr. Nikos Kampanis, Mechanical Engineer

For 'Hadrian’s Aqueduct' reconstruction:

3D Graphics and Animation
Adonis Adoniou, 3D Animator

Scientific Advisor
Dr. Yannis Lolos, Archaeologist

For the 'Myths and Birdlife of the lake' video art:

Concept, Design & Implementation

For 'Stymphalia: a virtual journey through the site from Antiquity to the Middle Ages':

3D Graphics and Animation
Gabriel Gourdoglou, 3D Modeler/Animator

Scientific Advisors
Professor Hector Williams, Archaeologist
Dr. Ben Gourley, Archaeologist
Dr. Yannis Lolos, Archaeologist
Dr. Anthony Masinton, Archaeologist

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