The Acropolis Museum

Consulting on digital strategy for the new Acropolis Museum. 2013.

makebelieve design & consulting worked closely with the President, Professor D. Pandermalis, and core staff of the new (since 2009) Acropolis Museum of Athens to define and describe the Museum's future digital strategy. The project involved months of brainstorming with the core team of the Museum to identify needs; formulate the ideas for both support technology and digital visitor applications and experiences; specify the technical details of software, hardware infrastructure, and digital exhibit installations;  determine the budget; compose the international call for tenders.

The call for tenders specified the design and specification of 24 digital interactive exhibits, videos, and 3D reconstructions, the digitization of thousands of archival photographs, fragile excavation notebooks, and print material, the 3d capture of exhibits and sculpture, the connection of the digitized material with a new museum website through a content management system, the design of a digital kids club, the specification of an on-line ticketing system, an e-shop, and a wireless network infrastructure,  etc.

Visit the Acropolis Museum's website.

Tags: Interaction Design, UX Design, Museums & Culture, Consulting