What Type of Traveler Are You?

Design & development of an HTML5 game for teenagers, for the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, 2015.

makebelieve design & consulting designed and implemented the interactive online learning game 'What type of traveler are you?' for the Hellenic Ministry of Culture as part of the educational program on urban monuments titled "Reading the City (ΔιαβάΖΟΥΜΕ την πόλη)".

Play the game (in Greek): http://www.makebelieve.gr/mb/projects/taxidiotis/

View the article about the project Reading the City. Routes in Athens and Thessaloniki: an educational tool in CAMOC News: The Collections and Activities of Museum of Cities, January 2016, pp. 14–15.


Game Design / Interaction Design
Dr. Maria Roussou, Dimitris Nastos

2D Graphics
Myrto David

Vassilis Kourtis, Dimitris Nastos

Tags: UX Design, Museums & Culture, Game, Learning