On the Trails of Writing

Design & development of an online interactive game about the history of writing, for the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, 2014.

makebelieve design & consulting designed and implemented the interactive online learning game "On the Trails of Writing (Στα ίχνη της γραφής)" for the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, as part of a comprehensive educational package titled Γράφω, γράφεις, γράφει.

Play the game (in Greek): http://www.makebelieve.gr/mb/projects/grafi/


Concept / Coordination
Sofia Aidoni, Hellenic Ministry of Culture

Game Design / Interaction Design
Dimitris Nastos, Dr. Maria Roussou

Graphics and Animation
Antonis Makrigiannis

Vassilis Kourtis, Dimitris Nastos

Concept / Content
Evgenia Oikonomidou, Chrysanthi Simandiraki

See the game for the full list of credits.

Tags: UX Design, Museums & Culture, Game, Learning